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dirk van sloten

filmmaker • vfx artist • photographer


Email : sitejunk  [AT]  me  [DOT]  com

Phone : 1 (262) 478 • 0610

IMDb: Dirk van Sloten.


dirk van sloten


Dirk van Sloten is an independent film producer, writer, director, and photographer. He’s also a visual effects artist, video game artist, and composer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film production. And a Master of Science degree in video game production. His master thesis explores methods to reduce Visually Induced Motion Sickness (VIMS) caused by video games.

designer and lead artist @ big rock games llc

2011 - 2015

For Big Rock Games LLC Dirk has designed and produced several games together with Mark Sullivan. They are currently working on their third game.

short film: blind redemption

Producer, Writer, Director / 2016

Exploring what can happen if euthanasia decisions are based on spiritual beliefs, this short film follows Faye Griffon, a woman with terminal cancer who survives a suicide attempt. It was written by Dirk van Sloten and John Hahl. It was produced and directed by Dirk van Sloten, and is currently (January 2016) in the final stages of post-production.

short film: rocket science

Producer, Director / 2015

Rocket Science is a Science Fiction/Comedy short written by Erik Kjonaas. The last evacuation ships are about to launch and leave a dying earth for good. But our hero is delayed, and thus needs to find a way to hold the launch. Produced and directed by Dirk van Sloten, Rocket Science has played in various film festivals such as Cannes, short corner, and the Milwaukee Short Film Festival.