Rocket Science has been accepted into the Milwaukee Short Film Festival. Rocket Science will screen Friday September 11th, Estimated time 1830 hours. (6:30pm)


Rocket Science is a Science Fiction Comedy short written by Erik Kjonaas. The last evacuation ships are about to launch and leave a dying earth for good. But our hero, Marcus Staley, is delayed, and thus he needs to find a way to hold the launch. Produced, edited, and directed by Dirk van Sloten, Rocket Science played at the Cannes Short Corner Film Festival in May of 2015.

Statement by the Director

Rocket Science is a comedy that functions as a light social commentary of the inhumane way we’re forced to communicate with rather unintelligent artificial intelligence. Despite the fact it’s done as a science fiction piece, it was designed so that everyone who’s ever gotten angry at an automated telephone system to obtain technical support can identify with it.


“I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to watch Rocket Science, produced and directed by Dirk van Sloten. I loved the story, the special effects and the way that the actor was so open with his emotions. It was sad and funny at the same time, which is hard to do. I'm looking forward to seeing more!” - Connie Woods.